Saturday, November 5, 2011

We're Not In Kansas Anymore

Life has been crazy, kinda like a whirlwind. And no, I have not moved, I promise. Here is the new hair:
It's odd only having to use a little bit of shampoo and conditioner. Plus, I only have to wash my hair for less than 5 mins. CRAZY! It is no longer  fried and no more split ends. I realized how much I miss having shorter hair. Now I can still put it up but it isn't so long that headbands look dumb. I need new headbands come to think of it. 

On another front, the doctor weighed me and I am 175 lbs. I know not many people say their weight but I thought I should put it in my blog to keep myself accountable. I have been watching my portions since my appointment Tuesday. It feels like it has been longer than four and a half days but it is a lifestyle change. The nice thing is, I have learned how to finally plan meals and such. 

I dropped my math class so that my GPA will stay up. I am going to work my butt off to get great grades on my economics assignments.

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