Friday, October 21, 2011

Used to be

I wish I was ballsey enough when I had short hair to wear dresses and look pretty all the time. my hair evolution has been pretty nuts. My whole life as a kid, I HAD to have short hair. Damn lice. Whenever I would start growing it out, someone would find something. In high school it all changed....

I decided after my freshman year I was going to grow it out. I only had my hair severely cute once in high school. It was back to normal by Junior year. I think since then, my hair has been pretty much every color but blond. I am so pale that it just wouldn't look right.

I don't know why I wanted to write about this, maybe because I am going to get it cut for the first time in years on Monday. WEIRD! I'm not going to go that short but still.

I do think though that sometimes, people tie confidence into their looks. I am less confident when I have a zit, stereotypical right? Oddly enough, I thought I was more attractive when my hair was cut really short. Although, when it was short I was worried about gaining weight because everyone would say. "your skinny face works with short hair". 

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  1. It really does suck when everyone is looking at what we look like. You do what makes you feel good thats all it counts. Don't forget to show us bloggers what your hair looks like after the cut